Covenant Eyes App for Windows & Mac

Block Pornography & Inappropriate Content

Covenant Eyes app is a web filtering software that has been designed to use on mobile devices. It is designed to help people avoid viewing pornography, which it does by blocking all pornographic content on the web. It is also designed to monitor the user’s online activity so that they can be held accountable for their actions.

It is a family-safe browser and app management program. It blocks questionable content and monitors internet activity. This service is used for accountability and as a deterrent to those who want to visit such sites. Covenant Eyes app is not designed as a religious or moral filter; it is based on a set of community-shared values and principles.

It is a software company that is focused on providing content filtering and accountability for Internet use. Company has created a Covenant Eyes software that is available for both the iOS and the Android platform.

Block Inappropriate Content!

App blocks out pornography and inappropriate content, and alerts users if they try to access anything that is blocked. This is the primary feature of the app. A recent study found that Covenant Eyes Windows is more effective than other blocking tools.

Block Inappropriate Content!


Interface of the Covenant Eyes windows 10 is easy to use and provides a lot of information about the user’s activity. User can monitor their browsing history, view their browsing history in a timeline, view their browsing history in a map, set blocked sites, set blocked words, set blocked people, and monitor how they are doing in their accountability.

App has a very strict privacy policy. App does not collect or store any personal information. App does not track or collect any GPS location information. App does not allow the user to create an account without providing an email address. Email is used to send the user notifications.

It will display your browsing history, sites that you visited, time spent on the sites and the type of content that you watched. App also allows you to block specific sites, but you can also block specific content or block entire categories. This way, you can block NSFW content, but still allow other types of content, for instance.

Track Web History & Safe Search

App tracks and records the user’s web history. This feature is optional and can be turned off. App sends this information to Covenant Eyes free, which can be accessed by the user and a mentor. This helps the user to be accountable for their actions.

Application allows users to create a “SafeSearch” list of websites that will not be blocked or monitored. User list websites they want to visit that do not violate the Covenant Eyes panic button guidelines.

Track Web History & Safe Search


In order to combat this epidemic, free Covenant Eyes, a faith-based software company, has created a product to help individuals overcome their addiction to pornography. download Covenant Eyes and get an app to offer a variety of software to help users. For example, there is a browser extension that blocks porn websites and redirects you to a filtered site. Tool also offers a mobile tool to help users stay accountable.

App works by taking a picture of what is on your screen and then download Covenant Eyes windows 10. These servers then search for porn and notify you if any is found. In addition to these features, the application also offers a desktop app, which is a program that blocks out time on your computer for specific activities.

What is Covenant Eyes?

What is Covenant Eyes?
It is a Christian company that produces accountability software designed to help individuals overcome the sin of viewing pornography.
What are the pros and cons of using Covenant Eyes?
Pros are that the software is very easy to install, and get around Covenant Eyes has excellent customer service. Furthermore, the filters are extremely accurate, and app has a large database of filters that are regularly updated to keep up with the ever-changing face of the Internet. Cons are that the software costs money to use, and you have to have someone to hold you accountable. If you choose to have an accountability partner, he or she will have access to your activity reports, so be sure you can trust your accountability partner. You should also note that tool does not work for everyone for a variety of reasons.
How does it work and how do I download Covenant Eyes Windows 10?
Covenant Eyes has software that allows you to install filters on your Internet browser. The filters record your Internet activity and send weekly activity reports to your accountability partner. Accountability partner can then view your activity reports and hold you accountable.

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